Time passes

queen for a day

Queen for a day - 2010

The queen rides by in sparkling yellow proud and smiling. A few blocks away, the afternoon sun illuminates a crumbling cemetery. The stones speak of dreams and lives long gone, and stories played out on that balcony just beyond the cemetery wall.

Cemetery in Frederiksted

Gone for a while - 2010

8 Comments on “Time passes

  1. Queen For a Day speaks for itself. Love the composition in that one. Gone for a while…the greens and purples of the foreground and mauves of the balcony are so macabre, the sanguine touches throughout..yet the ray of sunshine and touches of yellow green suggest glimpses of better times. The textures in this piece are wonderful. You can feel the decay. Sorry for being so dramatic, but this picture really speaks to me 🙂

  2. Thank you so much, Catherine. I’m glad you enjoy these. Old cemeteries often make me feel as you describe, esecially when rundown and in deep shadow with just those spots of light. I wasn’t sure how this would work out… there was this confused jumble of shapes, and the highlights were so broken up there was no clear composition. I’m glad the feelings came through.

  3. The queen for a day almost looks like a flaming torch and the look on the woman’s in the doorway is great.

    The tones in the bottom shot make the cemetary look like a nice place to for goths to have a picnic.

  4. Thanks, razzbuffnik. The old graveyard indeed was a good place for goths to have a picnic. In fact the whole neighborhood fit that description.

  5. ..Gentleman looking down, yellow cross on a blue dress, gazing at the queen…..She dazzles the crowd …for an instant….

    Hauntingly beautiful Don……Wow!

  6. I’m with razzbuffnik about the woman in the doorway: even without the second photo … the title works.

    I do not wish to be buried, interned, or placed anywhere that lingers in the shadows.

    I guess living on the sun would make it difficult to sleep.

  7. Planetross, that contrast in “Queen for a day” is hard to miss, isn’t it? And it’s funny you mention your feeling about being buried in the shadows… people must like the idea, given the tendency for modern burial grounds to be shady places. But really, why not on the hilltop where the bright sun and wind can feed the spirit?

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