Made on Sight!

Made on Sight - 2009

Made on Sight - 2009

We all see funny signs from time to time. Sometimes they are obvious errors, but this one made me wonder if they really mean what they say — that they won’t start cooking that omelet until they see the whites of your eyes! I guess that would be better than yesterday’s or last week’s omelet.

On a different subject, but still having fun, the neighbors had a problem with swarming bees the other day (not an infrequent occurrence here). They called the “bee-man” — a rasta fellow who knows what to do. He looked so strange on the rooftop after he donned all his gear.

Battle of the Bee-men - 2009

Battle of the Bee-men - 2009

12 Comments on “Made on Sight!

  1. made on sight, thats great ha ha and the ‘o’ slightly apart from the ‘melet’
    and the image is an unusual mix of urban/rural

    the Bee-men facng the battle, it made me think of the powerful force of be-ing
    and the small red patch looks like a buddha or someone in the midst of the battle, sitting, saying ‘i am here’

    and the lines color and fluidity in both paintings are wonderful

  2. Thank you, tipota. I always appreciate your perceptive observations. That o’ melet almost sounds french doesn’t it? And I left that red splotch there with the bee-men just to raise that question. Thanks agaiin.

  3. “The omelet was made when surveillance cameras caught it walking out of the bank.” hee hee!

    The 2nd photo makes me think of a little aquarium: deepsea divers and the orange blob as a goldfish.

    I guess it should be a “deepbee diver” really.

  4. “When we see the whites of yer eyes, then we’ll give ya the whites of the eggs.”…Okay, never mind.

    Excellent work you have going on here since I last visited! The one of the lone guy in the meat store is really intense.

  5. Hi Jala! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I think the butcher image is probably one of the more powerful images I’ve done. Thanks for mentioning it!

  6. From billboard signs to newspaper editors, we have some ” ahem ” very creative spelling gaffs here. Gaffs, that is, only if you take notice, which is another reason why you walk with a camera.

    You’ve taken those bee keepers into the 22nd century. Are you sure that isn’t Will Smith under that hood saving humanity from atomic bees?

  7. You know Bonnie, the newspapaer ones get me the most, but then maybe I’m just weak in the morning! On this sign I’m still not sure if it is a mistake– they may really mean they won’t make that “O’melet” before they see you. Now why they would have to advertise that, I’m not sure…
    Thanks for taking time in your busy schedule to stop by!

  8. Razzbuffnik! somehow i missed your comment about that special rasta smoke… It probably would calm those bees down, but I’d hate to be walking around on that roof after the treatment!

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