Stories to tell

Stories to tell  -  2009

Stories to tell - 2009

Vacant and for sale, this old building in the heart of Frederiksted looked like it had many stories to tell. The stone and brick lower level, arched arcade, wood upper floor and tin hip roof epitomize the style of an earlier era that makes Frederiksted so charming. The entire town is a gem in the rough, just waiting for the restorer’s touch to make it sparkle again.

9 Comments on “Stories to tell

  1. I haven’t been over in a little while, so it is such a treat to see your recent work and the great stories that accompany them! I especially love the colors in this one!

  2. Oh, thank you Jane! I had done an earlier version of this building with different more vibrant colors… but this one tells the story much better. I’m glad you stopped back for another look around!

  3. It almost looks like an ocean wave is embedded in this as well as color and arches, stone and brick. I am going to a do a post about my bloggin’ artist friends and what their “sweet spot” seems to be…what they paint, photograph, write or any media that strikes me as effortless (yet I knows it isn’t!). Stay tuned!!

  4. I think your “restoration” is much more interesting than what any builder could come up with.

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