Window to the Past

Abandoned - 2009

Abandoned - 2009

This window in an abandoned hurricane blow-out looked in on a tiled shower stall, with a green curtain still hanging — all lit from above through the missing roof. It is a strange feeling to come across these not-so-old ruins with reminders of the lives lived there still blowing in the breeze while the vines grow in.

10 Comments on “Window to the Past

  1. Don- this sure has some contradictory imagery. It looks both dead and alive at the same time.
    Almost like eavesdropping on someone who is still there or their ghost.

    I like the bold geometry.

  2. Bonnie,
    Once again you’ve articulated the feeling here — the contrasts, and that uncomfortable sense of somehow being a voyeur looking in. Thanks!

  3. Ooooh. Chris likes. Whenever something is labeled “abandoned” it gives it an instant intrigue. What happened? Why is it abandoned? Who lived here? Where are they now? I’d love to see what was left inside.

    As always, love your color palette.

  4. Thanks, Chris. This was one of a group of abandoned structures that had been damaged by hurricanes over the past 20 years. Different than your industrial landscapes, but similar in a way, too. Here in the tropics the moisture, sun, mold and mildew, and hardy tropical plants give anything not routinely maintained a distinctive tropical patina… including many buildings still in use!

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