Friends and Performers

Friends watching the parade

Friends - 2011

People enjoying a festival are one of the many things that help define a place and a community. The two men standing next to each other, one in red festival garb, look up the street and communicate as men often do — by standing next to each other saying nothing. And the young girl concentrates on her performance as a majorette, baton in hand, whistle ready, her pleasure in the performing clearly visible to those who look. So much is said in the faces and actions of the people, yet so much is left unsaid.

[Note: These two images are a part of the series from the 2010-11 holiday festival on St. Croix also featured in the previous post.]

Majorette with whistle

Majorette with Whistle - 2011

For a Jumbie-free New Year!

Mocko Jumbie Dance - 2009

St. Croix’s celebration of the holidays continues through the week, ending with the adult’s festival parade (a loud, long, and sometimes lewd extravaganza) on January 2. In keeping with the celebratory spirit, these two night-time mocko jumbies may help keep the bad spirits away throughout the New Year.

May 2010 bring the best to all.

Mocko Jumbie with Holiday Lights - 2009

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