Shoreline moods

the calm

The Calm - 2009

“The Calm” looks west in the protected lee of a point during the calm following a squall. The sun had just broken through, illuminating a single cloud and the shallow water at my feet.

“Ocean Energy” looks east into a brisk prevailing wind on a sunny afternoon, with only the rocky outcrop to protect the shallow pool from the brunt of the ocean waves.

Even when the shoreline palette is so similar as in these two images, the ocean’s moods can be very different.

ocean energy

Ocean Energy - 2010

17 Comments on “Shoreline moods

  1. Wow, both of these are incredibly beautiful. The colors in The Calm are spectacular! And I would love to feel that splash of wave in Ocean Energy.

  2. Thanks, Carol! The colors of the ocean are always beautiful, aren’t they? And you could feel that splash. The wind blew enough spray from each wave that broke that I got wet just standing there. (Fun for me, but not so great for the camera).

  3. dreamlike and beautiful, especially like the long vertical shape, colors and textures of great subtlety, these are wonderful!

  4. You’ve really captured the mood changes in these two gorgeous images. There is something that is like an encaustic painting and a bit like an enameled jewel. Amazing, and beautiful.

  5. tipota, thank you! Some of my work does seem like something from a dream; real, but not quite. I like the long tall format, too, especially for these land/sea/sky-scapes.

  6. Melinda, thanks so much! I’ve always liked encaustic. The slightly “milky” look to that bottom one has a little of that character. I hadn’t noticed that before.

  7. That sky in the Calm suggests trouble is brewing! I just totally am gobsmacked by those charcoal blue stormy clouds. Love that and yes “encaustic” sounds right. Now, I’ll have to look it up and find out exactly what it is!

  8. Thanks, Pat! We so seldom have naturally occurring greys here in the Carribean, they are striking when they do occur. After my recent 10 days in the midwest (many of which were grey and rainy) I became much more aware of the variety of greys, the colors imbedded in them, and how well they can work as a foil for other more saturated colors.

  9. They are both very beautiful the first one had a lot of Wow factor for me must be my mood, that I am drawn to it. Fantastic clouds it really does capture a mood.

  10. Hi Starla! Thanks so much. I think the spareness of that first one, along with the dark sky and colorful water, gives it power.

  11. Both lovely, but I particularly like the lower one. Don’t really know how you achieve these – even though you’ve sort of told me! But then that’s the mark of a good artist!

  12. I don’t usually trust oceans … they have a habit of ebbing and tiding when I’m tiding and ebbing. I might as well pay attention to the moon! hee hee!

  13. Hi planetross! What are you doing “out”? You’re right, oceans are tricky things. And big, too. thanks for visiting!

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