Buy me Love!

Buy me Love in Orlando

Buy me love mainland style!

This store display screams “Love! Buy me love!” and to avoid confusion the t-shirts on the mannequins say “my boyfriend” and “my girlfriend” with a big red heart. So come on, just buy me some clothes, buy me love!

Now here in the Caribbean — once you get away from the big stores — the style is a little different. On the gallery (porch for most of you) of a little house that serves as a store on a back street of Frederiksted hang some new lingerie swaying in the breeze, just whispering…

Caribbean lingerie shop

Buy me love (Caribbean stlye)

8 Comments on “Buy me Love!

  1. I hate to tell you but that lingerie hanging on the porch on the back street? It’s not whispering! Love the composition of the store one and color and pattern and the simple legible, “love”.

  2. Not even a seductive whisper, Pat? It’s just a touch of Victoria’s Secret in the tropics. Maybe it seems to speak loudy because it’s not surrounded by the cacophony of the typical suburban mall. I liked the composition of the other image, too, with the mirrored post in the center as the indoor/outdoor divider. Thanks!

  3. Don, I meant not a whisper more like a megaphone! But, then, I wear polka dots so you know where I’m comin’ from here.

  4. Honey, can’t buy me love. Taken with respect from the boys who knew all about it.
    It always surprises me when I see an unexpected source of commerce- on a front stoop, on a tailgate in a parking lot ( mangoes, coconuts,
    fish ), and now, lingerie on a gallery.
    I sort of agree with Pat- in that the last ensemble whispers not a little. Don, how long have you lived here that you don’t realize little in womens apparel here whispers! Did you not just go to Carnival!

    Your first piece has a feeling of a tryptych. Were the palm trees on the right added by you or part of the display?

  5. Thanks, Bonnie – I guess I missed the mark with that whispering comment! I do agree that once the apparel has been donned, there is a loud serenade, not a whisper!
    The first piece was indeed conceived as a tryptych of sorts — inside, mirrored post, outside — and the trees were really just outside the open doorway. While I may move things around a bit, I usually find that trying to add something (other than a texture or color) that wasn’t really there in the first place ends up lookling a little pasted on. This reference to the original and occasional repetition of shapes or patterns from the original feels like a more organic process to me.

  6. I’m sure boyfriends everywhere do not want to wear t-shirts that say “my boyfriend” … and have big red hearts on them.

    I might be mistaken, but that garment in the second picture has a red lights on it.

  7. palnetross, pretty weird t-shirts, I agree. Maybe they are for the girls to wear, with a big arrow pointed to the guy next to them? That’s why I had to get a picture. What American ingenuity won’t come up with next for useless stuff!
    Those red lights you see in the second picture are just in your imagination… now what is it you are imagining?

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