Holiday Spirits

Mocko Jumbie - 2009

Colorfully costumed stilt dancers — or mocko jumbies — appear at many island festivals. Cultural icons and entertainers today, the mocko jumbies have ancient African origins. “Jumbies” are mischevious or evil spirits and ghosts, and one interpretation is that the mocko jumbies scare them away by mocking them. Their height allows them to see the spirits before they arrive to cause trouble. While there are other interpretations, they all relate to protection from the spirit world.

Now just imagine if it were a jumbie that had become manifest in the form of the young woman below…

I wish a happy holiday and good spirits to all!

(Learn more about the origin and cultural significance of the mocko jumbies.)

Elfin Dream-Girl - 2009

9 Comments on “Holiday Spirits

  1. If I were me I’d say, “I’d like to see her Mocko Jumbies” but I’m not me thank goodness. … or maybe I’m just talking out loud as someone else.

    Merry Christmas!

    May this find you will exta coal in the fire and no Spirits visiting you … except for maybe Bacardi or something.

  2. Merry Christmas, planetross… although I guess it’s the day after there now. So you’d like to see her “Mocko Jumbies”, huh? She might be flattered, you never know… No need for coal on the fire here, but we’ll be seeking out some spirits later in the day.

    S. Le. – Thanks for stopping by to say hello! Hope you are having a great hioliday.

  3. I really like the top shot. I was immediately reminded of Rembrandt’s painting, “Man in a Gold Helmet”

  4. Thanks, razzbuffnik! I can see how the sparkley yellow hat and dark surroundings might remind you of the Rembrandt… still, I’m not sure I deserve the association!

  5. Likened to “Rembrandt”, Don! Can’t top that! Hope your holidays have not needed any protection from the spirit world!

  6. Yes, Pat — thanks to razzbuffnik. I’m not sure what to make of that, but will not let it go to my head… and so far no protection from the spirit world or the virus world needed! Keeping fingers crossed. Thanks for the well wishes!

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