A Couple of Hot Peppers

A couple of hot peppers - 2009

A couple of hot peppers - 2009

We picked up a handful of these gorgeous little peppers at the local organic farm. Some were fresh and plump, some still with a tinge of green, while these two had begun to dry and shrivel a bit. I placed them on a hand-thrown plate with an interesting mottled green glaze for their portraits. And in case you are wondering, yes, they are very hot!

This is the first image I worked on. I expect there will be a few more until I either exhaust the possibilities, or — more likely — am distracted and pulled away by the next photo-op.

9 Comments on “A Couple of Hot Peppers

  1. That green glaze is perfect for these hot peppers! They look like claws!

  2. Thank you, Pat. Nothing like a little complementary color to add zip.

    Jala, ohh, what a nice compliment! Thanks!

  3. Hi Don – Just wanted to let you know that I chose your blog for an award. You can pick up your “lemonade” award at my April 4th post!

  4. I must echo Jalas’ sentiment- It’s a painting, really it is. And Jala painted it!
    Oooohweee, this is a favorite I think.
    I love the wet reflections and the complimentary colors.

  5. Hey, thank you, Bonnie. The real trick with digital work is to create a painterly feel, without the look of a “canned” photoshop filter… I hope I succeed once in a while.
    Welcome back to the web!

  6. I’m with Jala… I would’ve loved to have painted them too! Really sumptuous what you done with the color and compostion.

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