Guard Dog at Boiler Bay

I was working on a beach scene, when this little doggie popped into view. Well, I just couldn’t shoo him away, so I let him be the star!

Guard Dog at Boiler Bay - 2009

Guard Dog at Boiler Bay - 2009

Sometimes the unexpected can add a smile to the day.

5 Comments on “Guard Dog at Boiler Bay

  1. All he’s missing is a bow. Now, let me see. pale gray would be nice. Oh, that’s right. This is reality, isn’t it? I agree about the unexpected adding smiles, also terror. What if this had been a pit bull?

  2. Nice colours and image. I think it would’ve been better without the dog. It’s a bit too cute. I think that the composition is strong enough with the island fitting between the rocks. I like the way how the other rock in the foreground to leads the eye into the picture.

  3. Pat-We have a lot of pit bulls here, some not so nice. And pit bulls of the mind, too. One night while walking our own little dog, a big rottweiler and another large dog appeared out of the bush and chased us inside. Terror you say?
    Razzbuffnik – I agree, too cute. But he just showed up and I couldn’t resist… You have a good eye. thanks for the comment.

  4. Oh those Crucian mutts turn up in unexpected places don’t they.
    Last summer while I was away ( thankfully, or we’d have 3 dogs instead of 2 ), a young puppy was sleeping on our gallery floor.
    We never knew where he came from.
    But I do know where he went- Kelly took him to the shelter and named him Scooter ( for Libby, who at the time was also being taken in to some kind of shelter ).
    I like the coolness of the colors against that turquoise.

  5. Thanks, Bonnie. I like the colors, too. I’ve tried several times with this particular scene, and have always missed a little in one way or another. This time it’s the damned dog. I haven’t given up yet though. It’s such a great spot.

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