Beach Barstool and Pot of Gold

Beach Barstool

Beach Barstool

This rusty barstool has been down at the beach the last few months. It was joined a few days ago by a white plastic garbage bag.

The salt has eaten away at the chair’s metal frame, almost the same way termites eat away at deadwood, returning it to the soil. This scene of decay told of good times past, evidence of someone passing through this way.

There was a hint of a rainbow in the eastern sky. I wonder now, was that white bag the pot of gold?

4 Comments on “Beach Barstool and Pot of Gold

  1. Well, I’ll be. There’s water that’s not frozen? Chairs that are not buried under snow? And a rainbow?? Surely, your medication needs to be adjusted but this looks like paradise to me, for sure!

  2. Actually, Pat, I took this last summer… (just kidding!). When we lived on our boat, we sometimes sailed with a friend who called his boat “Endless Summer”. And so it is. Cool summer, and hot summer. It’s cool summer now, otherwise someone would be in that chair — in the shade.
    I’ll go check the medication now.

  3. Nevermind the bag as a pot of gold. You’ve turned a photograph into a painted canvas.

    Love the effects here Don. You’ve made brushwork from values of color. This is a beauty.

    Last fall, I discovered an abandoned Herman Miller desk chair on the North Shore, while walking. It was tatty and old but you couldn’t help think about the life it had before it became a still used castaway.

  4. Thanks, again, Bonnie.
    I feared I was getting carried away with the colors in this one. It was that faint rainbow that was the inspiration for the colors in the foreground. And of course, the chair and the beach were their own inspirations!

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