Blog? Why a blog?

It's a what?  -  2009

It's a what? - 2009

Maintaining an art blog requires some work. So why do it?

Two somewhat unexpected benefits I’ve already learned:
• Developing a post forces me to think about my work and articulate those thoughts.
• Posting a new image encourages me to make sure it is the best it can be.

And two that I’ve read about:
• A blog is a way to expand the audience for new work, and helps create a web presence.
• A blog can create opportunities to receive advice, praise and criticism from other artists, and just enjoy the interaction with others who have similar interests.

We’ll see about those…

So just what is that little creature?

4 Comments on “Blog? Why a blog?

  1. I think the little creature is a dog trying to be a fish with a fur coat in anticipation of a food reward.

  2. Karla is channeling Sue… thinks.

    A Caribbean Hedgehog, isn’t it? They’ll be in the livestock building at Ag Fair.

    What you do with photos is really much more than rendering an image.
    You make them your canvas an interject a point of view.

    You may have omitted one more reason: to consume whatever minute extra moments of consciousness you may have to devote to posting, and every semi-conscious moment to THINKING about posting.

  3. Thanks for the compliment, Bonnie… and you are right about reasons for a blog. I must have thought I had way too much time on my hands.

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