The Baths at Wills Bay

The “baths” at remote Wills Bay on the northwest shore of St. Croix is essentially a large tidepool set among sharp jagged rocks. The water is clear and green and is refreshed periodically when a large ocean swell crashes into the rock barrier and splashes over into the pool. It’s a bit of a struggle to get there (unless you hire a jeep and…

Primarily Abstract

This image started as a photograph of some reddish-brown vines, green weeds, bright yellow/green paint spilled on the broken pavement, and shattered blue glass scattered across the area. I was attracted by the color fields and the texture of the blue glass. Unfortunately, the areas of color were not clearly defined by a change in values and the scene was flat, despite the colors….

Just Color!

An old wood shutter, black iron hinge and peeling paint on the stucco wall provided the raw material. These peeling and crumbling tropical facades are the subject of thousands of photos by tourists and pros alike. Still, I can’t resist adding just one more to the pile.

Rusty Bolt on Yellow Plank

This image is from a parking barrier constructed of a heavy yellow plank bolted to two large posts. This bolt was well into its rusty phase, with rust stains spilling down below it. The plank itself was faded with dings and chips and peeling paint. This was the raw material for the abstract study in texture and color below. As with many images on…

Point Udall View to Buck Island

Local tourism brochures advertise Point Udall on St. Croix as the easternmost point in the United States. The park and monument on Point Udall are on a high hill. This view looks back to the northwest along St. Croix’s north shore toward the iconic Buck Island in the distance. Although abstracted into a study in shape and color, the glowing attraction of the offshore…

The Changing Room

This image came from a little park on the beach nearby. There is a small building with changing rooms for swimmers, and a number of large rocks and boulders that have been painted bright pink, yellow and purple. The half door, the colored boulders and the play of the shadows under the eaves in the early morning light led to this abstraction.

Locked Out/In

The ambiguity of a locked door… Which side is out and which in? Am I locked out to protect what is in, or locked into my world. Or is what is on the other side locked out to protect and keep safe what is on this side? There must be something important behind that door, but I’m not sure I want to let it…

Carambola Dream

Believe it or not, this too started out as a picture of a carambola — a single fruit on a marble slab. But it is still there — its gentle curves and angular shapes, ripeness, tartness, splinters of color reflected and from within, and the smooth leathery feel of its skin.